• My gradual growth in my life made me turn towards the social arena in 2004 joined Lioness Club, a ladies wing of Lions Club international about a decade ago and starts serving the society.
  • Later I became "Lion" joining the Lions Club of Chennai Dharsan.
  • In 2007 I started a new all women lions club, lions club of Chennai "Golden Roses" in Dist. 324A1 made the club very remarkable one and got more awards personally and as a club Where ever i am, the ambiance will become energetic with my involvement.
  • Not only in club level, In District become more than 10 times as a District Chairperson with different portfolio. in 2017-18 under PMJF Er. T.M. Gunaraja Governership became Zone Chairperson got international president Appreciation and Grandprix Zone Chair Person Award in District.
  • In 2016-17 under PMJF Er. Ln T.M. Gunaraja Governership became zone chairperson got international president Appreciation.
  • In 2017 Started a second new Lions Club "Lions Club of Chennai Jasmine" and holding the charter presidentship.
  • Doing service to the society, Organzing Health camps to the Poor people periodically and extended our hands to the special Childrean, Cancer Fighter's, Visually Challenged, Senior Citizens.


Lions Clubs International, a world Largest Service Organisation started in the year 1917 and already crossed its Century. Our founder Helen Keller has started this organization only for visually challenged people. basically, it is a big bay to help society. It is going strong across the globe and located in over 220 countries. More than 14.5 lakhs members are in various clubs. The Lions motto is "We Serve." and doing projects worth of crores of Rupees every year to the needy people. Eye related issues has been considered as a prime projects intially to eradicate blind in the our society. Accordingly the policies of the projects formed and even today, a lot of Eyes are being collected and made many to get vision. Diabetes has been taken as a prime projects now especially juvenile Diabetes to eradicate and make awareness to all people to take care of the Health.

Other projects of concentration are Youth related programme, Environment like tree plantation, Rain Water Harvesting, Sight Related projects like Eye Screening and Cataract Surgery Camps, Hunger relief projects etc... it is going stronger by having more members and more projects to the society.

The LIONS acronym also stands for Liverty, Intelligence, Our Nation's Safety. Membership in the Lions Club is by "invitation only" as mandated by its constitution and by-laws. All member applicants need a sponsor who is an active member and of good standing in the club, they intend to join while sponsorship may be obtained by an applicant in order to become a legitimate member, sponsorship is no guarantee of membership. Acceptance of membership is still subject to the approval of the majority of the club's board of directors.


Club No:132271, District No: 324A1

Lions club is a social service organization. Here we focus on old age people, orphanage people, youth education, visually challenged people, My first club was "Golden Roses" in this club we are all ladies associated. We concentrate on women education. I belive society starts with "WE".
My Second club Started in 2017 under PMJF Ln KS.Babai only with my friends. We build our relationship with in our club as a family. now we are move on to 3rd year with 30 members.

  • In shortspan highlight of our club:

  • We lanuched awareness video for cancer fighters in front of Dr.Santha Founder of Adayar Cancer Insititue, and belowed Governer PMJF Ln KS.Babai.

  • Did Opened Heart Surgery for a child.

  • Continues camps for Denatl, Eye, General Health and Diabites.

  • Dine with Divine, Education support, tree plantations.

  • Special supports for Ankanvadi Childrean's, Predically cancer fighters and special childrean.

  • We did more than 5 Lakhs worth service to the society through our club.